Manny Galanos & Ann Magee are doing an exceptional job leading our city team

By Robert Kelly May 21, 2019

We’re thrilled to have been provided so many significant management appointments, having seen a 30% growth in the number of managements our city office looks after since our expansion mid last year.



This is a reflection of their thorough knowledge, their ability to quietly and confidently take care of what needs to be done, and the exceptional service they provide. Congratulations to Manny, Ann and our city team.

Should you wish to contact Manny or Ann, see their details below.

Manny GalanosManny Galanos
Director - Melbourne CBD Office
T: (03) 9670 7220
M: 0417 055 067


Ann_Magee_LRAnn Magee
Senior Property Manager - Melbourne CBD Office
T: (03) 9670 7220
M: 0417 180 332


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