Is Your Building Suitable for the Transport Industry?

By Francis Sbaglia October 31, 2019

The transport and logistics industry is one of the largest in Australia and they have unique property needs. If you are building or leasing a facility to suit transport tenants you should be aware of the following 10 interesting facts:


  1. A standard semi-trailer with a standard 40 foot container needs a minimum turning circle of 22.5 metres.
  2. A B-double truck requires a turning circle of 33 metres.
  3. Roller doors need to be a minimum of 4.3 metres high with 4.5 metres preferred for a B-double.


  4. The need for a container drop off point particularly in a strata complex. Council by-laws forbid containers to be stored in carparks.
  5. Only 5% of new buildings contain loading docks. Covered loading areas are preferred.
  6. Building canopies should avoid facing south west to minimise the effects of rain and wind.
  7. Concrete pads and floors are now 150mm to 175mm thick to cater for larger vehicles and forklifts.
  8. Warehouses are now approaching 10 metres in height to cater for pallet racking in excess of 5 stacked pallets. Aisles are narrower as automation expands.

9. Buildings over 3,000 square metres in area and depending on cubic capacity need sprinklers.      Curtain walls and fire rated doors can be installed to avoid a total loss in the event of fire.
10. The Westgate Bridge was designed to carry 40,000 vehicles per day and now carries 200,000 vehicles per day.


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