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By Daniel Di Gregorio November 16, 2017

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Commercial Property Management is not only property maintenance. For us at GormanKelly, it is more than that.

So what is commercial property management?

Commercial property management is helping investors maximise the value of their investment by developing asset strategies that look to the future while considering current values and factors.

Managing commercial properties also means minimising property capital expenditure by putting a solid maintenance lifecycle plan to forecast expenses while ensuring costly building compliance issues are avoided.

Efficient commercial property management is making it easy for our investors to access financial reports and legal documents to save them time and money on accounting and legal services.

Most of all, it is making sure that their commercial real estate investment assets experience stability so the little details of commercial property management won't wear them down.

These are solid processes that we create to ensure we deliver the best commercial property management service for our clients. And as they grow in their investment journey, we provide them guides, tips, insights, and updates on Melbourne's commercial property industry and how it impacts the management of their assets.

Here's a collection of commercial real estate management guides and tips that we want to share with you. And don't hesitate to fill in the contact form if you need a 2nd opinion on managing your commercial property.

The Commercial Building Disclosure Program and Obtaining a BEEC

In Australia, if you own or occupy a commercial office building, a Nabers rating can provide you with a simple indication of how well you are managing energy efficiency compared to similar commercial office buildings... read more

Co-Working In Melbourne, The Changing Landscape of Office Leasing

From an economic perspective, the co-working industry is quite competitive as many operators have seen an opportunity to profit. There are approximately 200 known spaces in Melbourne which has seen an increase of 750% in the last 3 years (to July 2016)... read more

Owner-Management Myths Busted

When we ask ‘why do you owner-manage?’ It’s apparent that two prominent myths exist around the owner-manager strategy... read more

Safeguarding Your Investment

There is always a temptation to take short-cuts when we are time poor or managing costs. However, always think ahead with fire safety to avoid your investment becoming a combustible one... read more

The Importance of Well Structured Leases

Poorly structured Leases can significantly reduce the capital value of your asset. Sometimes we’re asked to review a self-managed commercial property portfolio and more often than not, we’re finding that the Leases have been poorly structured and the capital value of the asset has been significantly reduced as a consequence... read more

Addressing Late Rental Payments

In most cases the situation is rectified within a few days and doesn't happen again. In some cases the tenant may be struggling financially and a temporary payment plan may need to be put in place... read more

Creating A Better Workplace

Office gardens, indoor plants, water features and maximised natural light are no longer trends. They are essential elements to a quality office environment with proven links to workplace health and productivity... read more

Strategies To Manage A Large Land Tax Rise

Landlords across Melbourne’s inner city are facing a sudden hike in their land tax bills this year, an unfortunate side effect of the development boom that has driven up land values... read more

An Example of Structuring For A Solid Commercial Property Investment

Typically, commercial property developments attract occupants post completion as prospective tenants prefer to physically inspect the completed space. However... read more

Burke Road Camberwell: An Analysis of Retail Rents

Peak rental rates in Burke Road are typically achieved for shops located in the area immediately surrounding the entrance to The Well Shopping Centre on both sides of Burke Road... read more

What Smart Commercial Property Investors Know

Smart commercial property investors know that, while immediate return through rent collected is an obvious consideration, really good property provides strong capital growth longer term... read more

We hope this collection of insights give you more understanding of commercial property management. If you need more help or seeking a 2nd opinion, we are always happy to get in touch. Fill in our contact form here, and let us know how we can assist you today.

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Daniel Di Gregorio

Written by Daniel Di Gregorio

As a Director of Property Management, Daniel continues to share his expert guidance and outstanding knowledge with his many long term clients and the GormanKelly team.

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