Owner Occupiers out bid Investors for Box Hill South Warehouse

By Nick Breheny March 15, 2019

The vacant warehouse unit at 277-289 Middleborough Road saw competitive bidding from a mix of Investors and Occupiers result in a very pleasing outcome for our Vendors.

277-289 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill_SOLD

The end result was well in excess of expectations and confirms the continuing demand for smaller warehouse spaces from Occupiers and Investors alike.


277-289 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill_1

277-289 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill_2

277-289 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill_3

If you wish to see the sale results of this property, click here to get all the details in a downloadable PDF document.

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Nick Breheny

Written by Nick Breheny

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